Check out this amazing mountain home!

For my featured “House of the Month” this month, take a look at this almost 2,700 square foot mountain home!

mountain home

This immaculate, well-maintained three-bedroom, three-bath log mountain home was built with care using the highest quality log construction. The interior includes soaring wood ceilings a stacked river-stone fireplace, and a wall of glass. It includes gleaming tongue and groove throughout.

This mountain home also offers plenty of room for formal dining and family gatherings. It comes equipped with custom cabinetry in an open kitchen.  Gorgeous granite counter tops and high-end stainless steel appliances really add to the kitchen area, but this beautiful mountain home also offers a large utility area and pantry, providing tons of storage. Outside, the full-sized two-car garage (a rare gem among cabins!) provides even more storage space, perfect for keeping all of the “year round” items!
The mountain home’s three bedrooms are all located on the main floor. The cabin’s large private master bedroom includes a walk-in closet and a jetted tub. Enjoy the scenic Smokies from your extended and covered decks which also comes equipped with a hot tub for those cold winter nights. Wood fence with mesh wire will keep your pups (canine and human!) in the yard!  Of course, this mountain home is located in Thunder Mountain Resort and is just minutes from Pigeon Forge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park!
You can view the home here.

If you have questions, or want to schedule an appointment to visit this mountain home (or any other property), please call me at 865-765-6157 or my support staff at 865-654-2111.


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Incredible Smoky Mountain Investment Opportunity

This month’s featured “Cabin of the Month” is a great investment opportunity.

investment opportunity

Located within Sherwood Forest Resort, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom cabin comes equipped with an indoor swimming pool, theater and game loft! Currently, the owner takes home just under $71,000 per year, and doesn’t have a split with a rental company. (Ask about this arrangement.) This investment opportunity also offers a long list of amenities. These amenities allow this cabin to bring in income that’s at the top of the market’s rental numbers! It features a stone stacked fireplace with handsome tongue and groove walls, gleaming wood floors that shine throughout this immaculate investment opportunity, and stainless steel appliances that round out the kitchen. Be sure to step out onto the covered back deck and take in the breathtaking view of the Smokies! Then, jump into the hot tub and let the water massage your muscles after a long day traveling along the Pigeon Forge Parkway. Of course, the Parkway is just minutes from the resort!

The pool is just one of several great features this cabin has to offer!

You can view more details about the cabin here.

To learn more about this magnificent investment opportunity or to schedule an appointment to see the cabin, call me at 865-765-6157 or my support line at 865-654-2111.

Selling your cabin

selling your cabin tip

If you’re thinking about selling your cabin, this article is for you!

You might be surprised to learn that investment cabins make up roughly half of our local real estate market in the Great Smoky Mountain area. People come from all over to purchase them, so many of them are not locally owned. Of course, finding the right cabin to buy takes time and requires a bit of consideration, research, and understanding about what’s needed to make it the best source of income. This can mean a long, drawn out process for people who come from outside the area, and can result in a search that requires many visits over several months before the buyers find the perfect investment cabin for them. Selling your cabin quickly requires you to be a bit proactive before you put it on the market.

The first step in selling your cabin is to understand its market value. You need to know what prospective buyers are looking for (probably some of the same things you were looking for when you bought the cabin).

One of the most valuable pieces of information when buying an investment cabin is what its maximum rental income value can be. This makes it equally important when selling your cabin to know how to demonstrate its potential as an investment as well. In order to get top dollar for an investment cabin when you sell it, it needs to already be renting very well. The more it collects in rental income, the more you can ask for when you set your purchase price. While there may not be much you can do about the rental history once you decide on selling your cabin, there are things you can do to the cabin itself to improve its appeal to prospective buyers walking through. Your goal when selling your cabin should be to actually cause those prospective buyers to see the potential increase in the rental revenue.

In fact, if you are thinking about selling your cabin, there are several things you can do very quickly that should help to maximize the value.

First, deep clean the cabin. This seems simple, but most cabins get dirtier and dirtier as time passes. A regular cleaning won’t get the job done the way a deep cleaning will. As realtors we repeatedly see a clean property bring many more dollars than the one that didn’t get the deep clean.   Do some pressure washing, put a fresh coat of stain on the areas that are showing wear, and silly things like making sure every light bulb works! You will not believe how buyers devalue your cabin when “little items” don’t work. They start becoming suspicious that big scary items don’t work that are behind the tongue and groove, like the hot water heater or the heat and air system!

Secondly, prune, chop, mow, and throw around some fresh mulch!   Give your landscaping some attention. This is literally worth thousands of dollars in value when you are selling your cabin. When a buyer arrives at your cabin, the yard outside is their first impression and you want them to have a great feeling about the cabin before they go inside. Get your family to help if you can’t afford to hire a professional landscaper.  Personally. I always was successful bribing my kiddos with ice cream cones or a trip to the Ole Smoky Kitchen in exchange for their help to get rid of the pesky weeds and leaves.

Our third great secret is to throw out anything broken. This is not the time to be practical, it’s better to have one less chair than a broken one sitting in the cabin. Strip off those worn out window treatments and discard the old area rugs and welcome mats that are very welcoming anymore. Just throw them away! Sometimes we get used to broken items. I can hear my husband, “But it still works.”Oh my goodness, if you have a hoarder that is near and dear to your heart (or maybe you are the hoarder), don’t go “cold turkey.” Take it to your storage unit, hide it in the basement, or under the steps. Just get those broken items out of sight before selling your cabin.

Century21 MVP Luxury Log Home for Sale_002
Replace rotted boards on the deck before selling your cabin. If you have even one rotted board, a buyer will want to negotiate for major repairs and possibly replacement of the entire deck!

The fourth recommendation on our list before selling your cabin is the most important piece of increasing its purchase value. Get a handyman (we can help you with this if you need a recommendation). Have him do the small repairs you just haven’t gotten around to. Put on the list things such as patch holes where woodpeckers had dinner, fix any leaking pipe, and replace the molding around doors that have become weathered or scratched by pets. Give him a small budget and ask him to do as much as he can with your budget.   Ask him to go over your cabin with you and make good suggestions. Look for cabinets hanging a bit off kilter. You might need a light coat of stain on the cabinets if they look worn, or new wood on decks that have rotted. The whole deck doesn’t need to be replaced but if you don’t fix the one rotten board, then very likely you are going to be asked to replace the whole deck.  Remember that a buyer is going to have an inspection done and they are going to ask for these items to be fixed anyway. If you get a jump on the repair needs, fixing them before selling your cabin will probably save you money and the buyer won’t be looking over your shoulder while you take care of the items found by an inspector.

Lastly, number five, change out the old TV’s. You won’t believe how buyers look at old television sets that can be replaced for several hundred dollars and say, “Oh my gosh!” They grab their heads and say, “Everything is so outdated!” I say as their agent, “It’s just a TV. We can change that!” But it settles in their mind that they are purchasing an outdated cabin.   It is true that a new flat screen television makes a large difference in renters choosing it over other cabins. I think renters use the age of the TV’s and electronics as a barometer on the condition of the cabin. Remember, if you won’t replace it, then the buyer will have to and that is money you will be giving up when it comes time to start negotiating the price. And usually, the buyer doesn’t offer a few hundred less, but a few thousand, as that is the value in their mind.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare. If you have other questions about selling your cabin, I and my staff are here to answer them for you – email or call us at 865-765-6157 or 865-654-2111.

Getting the most out of your investment cabins

Many of You Reading this Own Investment Cabins.

As a matter of fact, several of you started with one cabin and now have two or even three! Congratulations, that is a blessing! You have been making money each year letting the more than 10 million visitors to the National Park help to pay your mortgage bill on those investment cabins.

As the experts on investment cabins in the Great Smoky Mountains region, our team of agents is always on the lookout for the latest trend in the rental investment industry. We are always pushing the envelope on what these cabins can do in rental income.

Amenities that Vacationers Look for

To start with, the amenities in investment cabins are so important to vacationers who stay here and enjoy our area. Some of the top choices for amenities among those who rent investment cabins here include:

Hot tubs are a popular item in investment cabins!

  1. Indoor Swimming Pools are fantastic! In fact, this one is the top item on the list these days. While the average cost of putting in a pool is about $30,000, it can increase the rental value by about the same amount over the course of one year. We’ve seen pools added to cabins of many different sizes, so if it’s something you think you might like to do, its worth checking into to see if it is feasible. You might be surprised!
  2. Fire pits/fire places on the deck never go out of style! Always a popular item at cabins, guests love sitting around the warmth of a cozy fire!
  3. Theatres – Much like swimming pools, this is an increasingly popular feature in cabins. If you just don’t have the space, at least upgrade your electronics to as big a screen television as you can fit. When it comes to size, the bigger the TV, the more appealing your cabin will be to potential guests.
  4. Golden Tee golf games, arcade games, and other forms of electronic games – These have been and continue to be an all-time favorite attraction in cabins. Kids love these, and even big kids like Golden Tee and so it makes for the perfect environment for a family vacation!

Some other amenities that continue to prove popular (and thus increase rental income value in investment cabins) are pool tables and hot tubs, granite counter tops with stainless steel or black appliances, log furniture or upscale European country designs, and pillow top high-end mattresses.

Amenities that Renters Do Not Like

On the flip side, we also know what renters don’t like, and trust me – they will choose to stay at other investment cabins over ones with amenities like these! I like to call this my list of “don’ts” when I help new buyers pick out the right investment cabins to purchase. This list also offers you a heads-up on what is going out of style (maybe not completely- but don’t put one in or pay extra money for this!)

  1. Whirlpools out in the middle of the floor of a bedroom are not attractive to prospective guests. We see this frequently, where a whirlpool tub is located in the bedroom.
  2. Green carpet that looks like a putt-putt course, or for that matter, carpet throughout the cabin. Stick to hardwood floors as much as possible, and stay away from soft wood materials like yellow pine. Soft wood scuffs easily as furniture gets pushed around by guests.
  3. Pastel silk flower arrangements are a definite turn-off for potential guests booking their stay at a vacation cabin.Game rooms are another key piece of success in renting investment cabins.
  4. Televisions that are fat and heavy can also have a negative impact on rental value. You know the ones I mean. Replace those outdated sets with modern flat screens, and remember – bigger is better.
  5. White appliances create the same issue silk flowers do. Definitely replace them with black or stainless steel as soon as you are able.
  6. Furniture that looks like thrift store or hotel furniture will absolutely drive down your rental income potential.
  7. Mattresses that have a big valley in the middle. Replace mattresses that are worn out as often as necessary. No one wants to stay at a cabin with a mattress that is difficult to sleep on.
  8. Cheap mini white blinds should be replaced with more durable blinds, not just because they affect the rental potential, but also because they can and do break easily with excessive wear and tear.
  9. Vinyl flooring that doesn’t have a wood look to it, or carpet everywhere need to be replaced with something that is more in line with the types of flooring I mentioned earlier.

Work with a Person that Can Help You Make the Right Decisions

Lastly, it’s important to remember that everyone has different tastes. I often tell my clients I love red, but I know that if I painted the walls of an investment cabin the shade of red in my office, I wouldn’t generate the level of rental income other investment cabins of similar size, location, and amenities will do. So it’s important to make sure before you make changes that you are working with someone who can help you make the right decisions to increase your gross rental income.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I would love to meet with you at your convenience. Call my office at 865-654-2111 or 865-765-6157 to set up an appointment.

We will be glad to take you to see investment cabins for sale, and to help you pick the right one for you!

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Efficiency Cabin can be the perfect investment property!

For March’s featured “Cabin of the Month,” we have selected this cute, spacious one-bedroom efficiency cabin.

Located on South Mountain View Rd., this efficiency cabin is just minutes from the Pigeon Forge Parkway and downtown Sevierville!

This efficiency cabin on Mountain View Road can be a great rental investment!


Incredibly handsome hand-hewed logs adorn this quaint efficiency cabin as the soaring rafters let you float to the heavens! “A Romantic Getaway,” as it is named, comes furnished with a king-sized bed and gas log fireplace, both of which make this cabin extremely cozy.

Enjoy the outdoor surroundings as you sprawl out in the attached sauna, relax in your bubbling hot tub, or chill on the deck of your screened-in porch. Enjoy the wooded view while sipping your morning coffee.

For those of you looking for a great investment in a vacation rental, this efficiency cabin priced at $129,900 will clean up nicely and do well on a competitive rental program.

If you would like to visit this cabin, call me at 865-654-2111. I will be happy to show the property for you!

In the meantime, if you would like to know more about this efficiency cabin, click here for the full property listing.

Luxury cabin ready to enjoy!


Luxury cabin "Smoky Seasons" in the Great Smoky Mountains
Luxury Cabin “Smoky Seasons”
This luxury cabin is our featured “house of the month.” It can serve as the perfect rental investment in the Smokies if you prefer. Alternatively, it could be the perfect place to live if you are close to or already enjoying retirement. Its magnificent mountain views of the National Park and a rental income guarantee of $80,000 make it a solid rental opportunity. This four bedroom, three bathroom luxury cabin on Rocky Top Way offers roughly 3,300 square feet of living space. This luxury cabin is custom built with the highest quality craftsmanship. It is being sold with fantastic furnishings and Smoky Mountain décor. It has been professionally decorated with Aspen Log Furniture and authentic Native American décor. If you are looking for something decorated tastefully and designed well, you will not be disappointed.
The amenities are just the start of what makes this luxury cabin so appealing. The views are breathtaking!  The current owner has expanded the view even further by adding two large open decks and a massive A-frame floor to ceiling windows in the living room. No expense has been spared on upgrades as reflected in the wood floors and ceiling beams. The main level design includes a large gourmet kitchen, a dining room, a living room with huge stone fireplace, a 1/2 bath, and a large bedroom with full bath and deck. It also comes equipped with additional spacious private bedrooms, a large recreation area with a river stone fireplace, a sauna, a full service wet bar, and of course a bubbling hot tub! To top it off, an indoor pool is being added. That will significantly increase an already amazing rental income total!
Located just minutes from Wears Valley Road, it’s at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The cabin is in one of the most ideal locations in the Smokies as well. A zip up into the park for a day of hiking, an afternoon with the park rangers at one of the scheduled events, or just a fun drive to check out the scenery makes for a great way to relax!
See all the details here. Call us at 865-286-1869 or 865-429-2121 to set up a showing appointment to see this luxury cabin!

Build your own cabin!

Here is a great opportunity to build your own cabin

If you have ever wanted to build your own cabin, this may be your chance!

Build your own cabin similar to this construction on our featured lot.
Build Your Own Cabin


There’s no better investment in the Smoky Mountains! Upon completion this cabin* will include five bedrooms, four full baths, and two half baths. The design also provides a huge recreation loft, a magnificent indoor pool, and a giant theater!  It also comes with a one year $120,000 gross rental income guarantee! This means this cabin will pay for itself and generate significant income for you. (Call us at 865-429-2121 to learn more about how this works.) The estimated completion date for this new build is July 2016!
Other amenities of this build include upscale, dynamic, quality finishes such as ceramic porcelain tiles, gleaming wood floors, handsome tongue and groove design, and walls of glass. The build will be set up with multiple decks in an open floor plan. It will also offer a “river rock” fireplace that matches the river rock exterior elements. This will increase its appeal to people looking to rent a vacation cabin. Don’t worry about staging the build once it’s complete, either. It will come fully outfitted, fully furnished, and – most importantly – ready to rent! This cabin will be the best of the best!
The build takes place in the popular and convenient resort Sherwood Forest. If you’re looking for maximum return on your investment, Sherwood Forest is the best location around! The resort’s setting is absolutely outstanding. It’s only five minutes from the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, which means your renters are close to all their dining and shopping needs during their visit! For those visitors looking to enjoy Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the resort is just minutes from the spur that will take them right up the mountain! Its location offers magnificent views of Mt. LeConte and the national park as well!

Our featured cabin of the month is one build of several such new construction projects in Sherwood Forest.
You can build your own cabin similar to this one.
 *Photos of a like cabin*

Click here to learn more about the opportunity.

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Great deal on Sky Harbor investment cabin

If relaxation is your thing, soak your day away in the hot tub on the deck of this Sky Harbor investment cabin. Or, watch nature at its finest at this Sky Harbor Resort cabin on Red Bud Road.
This two-bedroom, two-bath investment cabin provides a wooded park-like setting for plenty of privacy.
The property sets on nearly three-quarters of an acre and is nestled conveniently between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. It’s located just minutes from the Pigeon Forge Parkway and all of the town’s attractions – including shopping!
The three-story Sky Harbor investment cabin also offers solid pine wood inside and out, walls of glass to capture the Smoky Mountain light, a handsome river stack-stone fireplace, a vaulted ceiling, and a huge finished recreation room downstairs with its own private deck. This room is stocked with games of every kind! It also comes furnished with a pool table, foosball table, air hockey, and an arcade machine! Alternatively, it’s the perfect room to convert into a theater!
The Sky Harbor Resort investment cabin also comes totally outfitted with plenty of furniture, updated flat screen televisions, and a hot tub. It’s “turn-key ready” (meaning ready to rent right away), and is already doing well on a rental program.
See all the details about this investment cabin here. Call me today at 865-765-6157 or 865-429-2121 to set up a showing appointment!

Cozy cabin for sale

Ridgewood-1This cozy cabin is nestled in the conveniently located Sherwood Forest Resort. Lovingly maintained and in immaculate condition, this 1 Bed 1 Bath,  cabin features open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, wall of glass, new floating floor, and faux-tile vinyl in kitchen to withstand heavy rental traffic. Hand crafted log furniture rounds out this amazingly intimate, cozy cabin. Located just minutes from Pigeon Forge Parkway and the Spur/Hwy 421 to Gatlinburg. Learn more here. Call me at 865-765-6157 to schedule a showing appointment.

Investing in Cabins

Marketing_Picture-6This month’s topic is for both novice and seasoned investors alike. Our goal is to educate and inform investors on how to best select an investment property so that it will provide exceptional rental income, appreciate above other properties, and maximize tax advantages.

  • Look for a Good Location.

It’s the punch line in the joke…”What are the 3 most important factors to consider when buying real estate? Location, location, location.” When it comes to buying an investment cabin, it’s no joke. As a matter of fact, it’s so important that we’ve made this our first step. When choosing a location consider what the majority of renters are looking for. They want to be close to “the action,” yet not close enough to hear every car door shut or horn blow on the Parkway.

Many investors think choosing a cabin that is far “away from it all” will be appealing to renters.   And it actually may be to “some” renters. However, as an investor, you are looking for a property that appeals to most renters. This is one case where the difference between “some” and “most” can be very big. Here are the things that “most” renters want from a vacation cabin location:

Short drive time to attractions, theaters, shops, etc. Advice: Keep your cabin within 15-20 minute drive time from the Parkway.

  1. Stay on pavement or good gravel roads. Avoid one lane, rutted-out, steep, mountainous roads. Watch situations were it is questionable as to who is going to maintain the road.
  2. Although close is good, don’t get too close. Advice: Be careful with cabins that are only one street away from the Parkway. Remember, you are renting a cabin and cabins are supposed to be located in wooded areas.
  3. Last Question: resort vs. private setting – you can go either way. It seems  50 percent of renters want a resort with a pool and the half wants privacy.

2) Choose Your Amenities Well

Rental cabins have been popular among tourist visiting the Smoky Mountains for the past 30 years. However, some things have changed. What tourists were looking for 30 years ago is not what they want today. If you are going to do well in this investment market, you must stay current with what’s popular to rent.

Similar to fashions and cars, investment cabins have trends. Now a trend in the fashion industry may last one summer and a car may be popular for a year or two. But, rental cabin trends seem to change every 7 to 10 years. For example, 20 years ago a chalet with interior walls of sheetrock and decorated similar to a traditional home did very well on the rental program. 10 years ago, there was a shift in trend, moving towards cabins and away from chalets. Popular cabins back then were smaller and more rustic. Today, renters are looking for premier larger cabins with more amenities. In the last six months we have also seen some top preforming Chalets that were outfitted in a Smoky Mountain Décor and Artistic Lodge style. Top producing cabins/chalets of today will have the following amenities:

  1. Wood interiors or mostly (tongue and groove style)
  2. View and or Pristine Setting
  3. Large Decks
  4. Lots of Glass
  5. One or two game tables- pool table
  6. Hot Tub on the Deck
  7. Vaulted Ceilings
  8. Electronic entertainment, media and sound upgrades
  9. Large flat screen TV’s
  10. Outside Fireplace or Fire pit
  11. Fantastic Upscale Smoky Mtn. Décor

High performing cabins/chalets will also have a theatre and perhaps even an indoor pool. Many of the amenities can be corrected or added. They do make a difference and must be considered. Just changing old TV’s to the latest and largest can change the rental numbers significantly. Because we are all about the numbers we need to look at each cabin and determine what can be done to maximize the rental revenue. We will help you with this process. Some of the best deals are going to be where a seller is making simple mistakes that we can remedy with minimum dollars.

  • Cash Flow- What Can You Expect?

A good investment property will pay for itself through rentals, tax savings and appreciation.   We will want to project the gross revenue and expenses. Rental histories are always quoted in gross revenues. Most rental management companies do a 60/40 split, with you taking the 60 percent.   If you are purchasing a foreclosure or a cabin that is a great buy it is likely that you will be purchasing a cabin that will either not have a rental history, or will have a poor history. We will need to do an analysis as to what is needed to generate the highest and best revenue. We will want to get a rental history from comparable cabins and also estimates from rental companies as to their gross revenue expectations. We will be able to give you estimates from the rental companies that we consider top notch.

  • Choosing The Right Rental Management Company

Almost as important as the cabin you choose, is the management company you place the property with. There are over 200 rental companies in Sevier County alone. Based upon experience, we would only recommend a handful of them. Many of the aggressive, top-of-the-line agencies are very choosy regarding the cabins that go on their program. When interviewing rental companies, one should ask about their marketing strategy, how many cabins they have on their program, and do they own their own cabins or cabin community? If the company does own their own cabins, you need to be comfortable with the fact that those properties will not receive preferential treatment.

Many rental management companies are starting to focus on selected communities. This allows them to focus their marketing efforts on the specific attributes of that community. A frequently asked questions is.” what do management companies charge for their services?” Most companies charge 40% of the gross rental. We usually advise prospective buyers to add another 5% to that number to cover any additional expenses associated with the rental process. Recently we have a cabin rental company that we can recommend that charges 27%; we are excited about their presence in our community. 


  • Shopping for Financing.

There are quite a few options when purchasing second homes and investment properties. We will be happy to supply with you a list of our favorite lenders. There are several very strong local banks as wells as national banks and lenders that specialize in second homes and investment properties. Rates are at an all time low and make a purchase at this time quite positive. However the lending process is slower and much more detailed so we will need to allow ample time. You will need to be prepared to provide more records than you are probably accustomed.

The second option is mortgage broker. These individual typically have greater resources and therefore, more options for financing. We can help you with suggestions here as well. If this is your first investment property, your financing options are increased. Most first time investors finance their cabin as a second home. This loan is classified as a residential loan. On investment properties currently you will need to put a minimal of 10% down. If you put 20% down you will get the most favorable rate and there will not be any mortgage insurance required.

  • Understanding the Outlook for Investment Cabins in This Area

Simply put, the forecast for continued growth in this area remains strong. Tourism has increased year after year. Visitation to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park remains at an all time high. We continue to be the most visited National Park in the United States. We are within a days travel time for the majority of the population of the US.  Surveys conducted by the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce and the Sevier County Economic Development Council indicated that tourism will continue to flourish. Our clients that have purchased high end cabins report positive cash flow with continuing increase as their cabins build a loyal rental following.

However, we would advise against purchasing chalets and rustic cabins without amenities. Though the rental per night is lower the renters who would choose these are choosing a less expensive condo or hotel. We believe that the rental demand for these will remain low for the foreseeable future. If the location is great, you like the view and the price is wonderful, you might consider taking one of these and upgrading the amenities, adding log siding and tongue and groove. Otherwise you need to purchase a log home and make sure it meets all the criteria we have discussed. There are many cabins to choose all the factors need to fall into place making it a great investment. Should you lose sight of important aspects you can undermine your investment.

Our role is to guide you, research for you, and analysis with you; remind you of your goals and then negotiate the best deal possible. We love the process and we have many, many successful repeat investors. We hope to make you one!

  • In Conclusion

The Key to why this area will bring you the highest rate of return on overnight rentals vs. other destinations is the 12 million visitors to the area each year, about 10 million of those are visiting the National Park.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the 12th most visited attraction in the World; we have more visitors each year than the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower.

We are visited more often than the Grand Canyon, the New York Metropolitan Museum or Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach. That’s the secret and that’s the reason you can get excited about a cabin you can enjoy yourself and know that you are making a great financial investment.  Many of our investors also have stocks and bonds but they tell us they love their investment cabins the most- as they don’t get to enjoy to the view or lavish in the hot tub of their paper investments! It’s a great perk , to visit your investment and count the trip off on your taxes.

We are here to partner with you to meet your real estate dreams of owning a fantastic Smoky Mountain Investment cabin that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come!