Please fill out the survey below concerning your experience with the main website of Century 21 MVP: 

Experience with the Website

* 1. How did you find us? (choose one or more answers)

2. Did you find us on any of these? (choose one or more answers)

3. In your initial searches for property, which of these sources were used? (choose one or more answers)

4. After contacting us at Century 21 MVP, how did you use websites to continue your search or find out about property we recommended? (choose one or more answers)

5. For local companies, which of these agency sites did you find helpful? (choose one or more answers)

6. What devices did you use to search for property? (choose one or more answers)

7. How do you rate our site ( in general. (1 is poor, 10 is perfect?)

8. How do you rate the visual appeal and appearance of our site ( (1 is poor, 10 is perfect?)

9. How easy was it to search our site for property? (1 is very difficult, 10 is very easy)

10. Speed of our website? (1 is very slow, 10 is very fast)

11. How useful was the general content of our website? (1 is not useful, 10 is very useful)

12. Rate these as things that would make the website a better experience for the user. (1 is not useful, 5 is useful)

1 2 3 4 5
More pictures
Less words and text
More links to attractions, restaurants, businesses
Links to recommended mortgage and insurance companies
More information on services
More information on government and government offices
Better links to property
More on communities

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