Our goal is to provide the best service possible!

I have received so many positive responses to my newsletter over the last year, and I am so glad to be able to provide this service. As real estate agents, we all know there’s so much information out there. It can be tough sometimes to figure out what is important and what isn’t. So it’s very important to me that the clients I work with get the best service possible, and the best help possible with knowing what their options so they can make the best decisions throughout the process. My blog site and newsletter were created with those two goals in mind.

The other piece that makes striving to provide the highest level of service possible is the group of licensed agents I have hired over the last couple of years. Each agent that works with me directly has a different set of highly specialized skills and knowledge about specific aspects of real estate. As a group we all work to make sure every client is served to the best of our ability. Frequently, a client who works with one of us at the start of the process will end up working with all of us before the transaction is finished, and may end the process spending more time with a different member of our group than the one they started out with. I know that can be confusing because it’s a little non-traditional so I want to talk a little bit about each of them and how we all work together. Our goal as a group is to make sure each client gets the best service possible throughout the home buying and selling process.

My staff

Greg is my listing coordinator. He takes care of our sellers’ showings, helping other agents set up appointments and works with buyers who call about our sellers’ listings. He has fantastic skills in assessing property value and finding amazing investment property of our investor clients.Our goal is to provide you the best service!

Susan is my transaction coordinator. Once a buyer client has made an offer, she handles all of the negotiation process, sets up home inspections, and coordinates with lenders and appraisers to finalize the deal. Susan is amazing at negotiating and makes sure our contracts make it to closing no matter what the challenge is! Miracles happen in her hands!

Dennis is my buyer’s coordinator. He works with many of the buyer clients who contact us over the internet. He also produces my newsletter, direct mailings, and manages my blog site for new content. He keeps us in touch and relevant! He also jumps in any time something might be falling through and we need an extra hand! We love how he loves the details!

Alle is my marketing coordinator. She markets the properties we list, including taking photos of the property, updating our listings and sharing them on social media, and developing ideas for new printing projects. We knew her photography courses in college would come in handy, we just didn’t know how! She also has done graduate work in marketing so she gives us a fresh, youthful take on our approaches to reach you and serve you!

Of course, in addition to the specific tasks we all have, any of us are here to help you with any of your home buying and selling needs.

I love my team and wouldn’t want to do life without them!

If you have any real estate needs or just want to know more about the local market, we are here to answer your questions. You can call me at 865-765-6157 or my support line at 865-654-2111.

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