5 Keys to Getting the Highest Price

Summer is in full swing, and I sure hope you are enjoying your favorite summer activities! Mine was a beach trip! For myself, it just doesn’t feel like summer if I haven’t dug my toes into the sand! This summer, I made a sandcastle with my five grandchildren during my beach trip, collected seashells during my numerous walks, and watched the sunsets. 

After a wonderful vacation, it is always lovely to come home to the Smokies. Hummingbirds are flitting about, and the deer are still venturing across my farm, much to the disapproval of my donkey and horse.

Five keys in this market to get the highest price when selling!

1) Be patient – get ready and don’t jump the gun with a low offer “I’ll buy your house for cash” …statistics show that you will get considerably more money if you put your property on the open market and allow competition.

2) Get your property in sales-ready shape – if you are in a position to freshen it up and make minor repairs, it will leverage your ability to get the highest price. However, if you cannot do so due to time constraints or finances, move ahead; the market is aggressive enough to get a very high price still.

Here are a few items that you can address that can make a difference without a significant investment of time or money. 

Landscaping, just a deep clean, removing clutter, fresh paint, pay attention to your front door, minor repairs that jump out (very likely you have gotten used to them, but they will be judged harshly by buyers). 

3). Generally, it is the best advice that when you price it, you do not go for the highest price that anything has sold for on your block, but you go under that. This advice will generally allow a multiple offers situation to bring the competition that will earn you the best price buyers are willing to pay. It also gives an appraiser confidence to appraise your home for the higher price as multiple buyers were ready to purchase it. 

4) Prepare to show your home when it is activated and placed on the open market. Know that you will be inconvenienced during this process and will need to carve out time and energy. Perhaps you can stage it and go on a trip, leaving it ready to be viewed back-to-back.  

5) Patiently wait for the offer you’re seeking. Don’t be offended by the process. Buyers will try to lowball and counter. Remember, you only need one buyer!  

As always, my team and I are available to help you with Smoky Mountain Real Estate. Please reach out to us if we can assist you in any way! Hope to see you in the Smokies! 

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